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Why Migrate From API Cloud to Choreo?

Choreo, the latest fully-fledged cloud offering by WSO2, is a digital innovation platform that allows you to develop, deploy, and manage cloud-native applications at scale. For more details, see Choreo documentation.

Enhanced user experience in API management capabilities with Choreo

Full lifecycle API management is a key capability of Choreo.

  • The Choreo Console (equivalent to the API Publisher in API Cloud) allows API developers to design, publish, and manage the lifecycle of an API.
  • The API Developer Portal (equivalent to the API Store in API Cloud) allows consumers to consume APIs.

Overall, Choreo provides users with an improved user experience in API management.

End of life of WSO2 API Cloud

WSO2 API Cloud was the WSO2 SaaS platform for API Management from 2015 onwards. Now, with the introduction of Choreo, the operations of WSO2 API Cloud comes to an end. The deadline for the end of life of API Cloud is December 31, 2023.

Future of WSO2 API Cloud customers

The end of life of WSO2 API Cloud opens up a unique opportunity for API Cloud customers to take advantage of the benefits that Choreo offers. Customers who are prepared to move on to the Choreo platform can benefit from the familiar API management features along with improved user experience. Moreover, API Cloud customers can opt for a Private APIM cloud managed by WSO2 or deploy their own on-premises APIM depending on the requirement. Regardless of the option selected, the migration must be completed before the end of life of API Cloud on the 31st of December 2023.