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Customize Invitation Emails

WSO2 Cloud enables you to customize the emails sent to users.

You can customize the emails sent to the invited users by adding your own logo and changing the content in the emails.

The default invitation email sent to users with Admin role includes the WSO2 logo and graphics. If you want to make your own customizations to the default invitation email, you can contact WSO2 Cloud Support via a support request.

WSO2 Cloud provides you a one-time link, which will be sent with the invitation. You can customize the content of the email and choose where the one-time link should be included. The fields for the roles will be replaced according to your selection. You can also include your own logo and graphics to customize the email further.

An example of a customized email is given below:


Note: These invitation emails will have the subject " WSO2 Cloud Services ". If you need to customize the email subject, please mention the requirement in your request.