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Create Applications

An application is a logical representation of a physical application such as a mobile app, webapp, device, etc. If an application needs to consume an API, it should subscribe to the required API over a selected business plan. The business plan determines the usage quota allowed for the application. A single application can have multiple API subscriptions. Each application has a consumer key and consumer secret pair. The requests to the subscribed APIs are authenticated via the tokens generated using the latter mentioned security credentials.

Applications allow you to:

  • Generate and use a single key for multiple APIs.
  • Subscribe multiple times to a single API with different service level agreements (SLAs)/business plans that operate on per access token basis.

Let's take a look at the steps you need to follow to create a new application:

Create a new application

  1. Sign in to (WSO2 API Cloud)[] as an admin user and then access the API Store.


  3. Click ADD APPLICATION. Let's create an application with the following details.

    Application NamePizzaShackApp
    Per Token Quota10PerMin
    DescriptionPizzaShack Application

  4. Enter the application details and click SAVE to create the application. Once you successfully create an application, you will be redirected to the application overview page.

  5. Click APPLICATIONS to navigate to the Applications listing page. You will see the new application you created listed there.


    The application owner can edit or delete the application.