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API Cloud vs Choreo Feature Comparison

Feature API Cloud Choreo
Environment support NO - A separate organization (tenant) must be created for each environment (development, production, etc). YES - Two environments (development and production) are supported by default within an organization. Customers can create more environments depending on their requirements. For more details, see Choreo environments.
For more details, see REST API proxy.
APIs for SOAP backends YES Can be done by implementing a Ballerina REST API.
Message mediation YES YES - Known as policies in Choreo.
For more details, see Policies.
OAuth 2.0 authentication YES YES
Token type OPAQUE tokens JWT tokens
Supported grant types Authorization code, Password, Client credentials, and Refresh token Client credentials, Refresh token, and Token exchange
Authorization code and Password grant type will be supported soon.
API Store/Developer Portal theming YES YES
For more details, see Customize the Developer Portal.
Email template customization YES YES
Regional gateways YES YES - As of now, provides dataplanes in the US and Europe regions. Customers can buy a private dataplane if necessary.
Custom URL for Publisher YES N/A
Custom URL for API Store YES YES
For more details, see Customize the Developer Portal domain.
Custom URL for Gateway YES YES
For more details, see Configure a custom domain for APIs.
Custom URL for Admin Portal YES Admin-related functionalities are available in the Choreo Console.
Client mutual SSL YES Available soon
Backend mutual SSL YES Available soon (by March 2023)
API throttling YES YES - Supports fixed throttling limits per API. Custom throttling policies will be available soon.
Self sign-up with approval YES YES
For more details, see Configure self sign-up.
API import/export YES Export and import of APIs between environments is not required because Choreo supports multiple environments.
API scopes YES YES
API RESTful APIs YES Available soon
Hybrid API gateway YES Allows you to have a private dataplane managed by WSO2 in your infrastructure provider.
End user authentication REST API YES YES - Supported via an agent deployed on-premises.

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