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Work with the Support Team

If you experience any issue while working with WSO2 API Cloud, you can easily contact the WSO2 API Cloud support team to get it rectified or to find a feasible solution to it as soon as possible.


Before contacting the support team, we recommend that you go through the FAQ library to determine whether there is already a solution to the problem you have.

Get help via a support request

As a WSO2 Cloud customer, you can go to the support page and create a support request to get help with any issue you come across. Any member who has access to a particular organization can sign in with credentials to create a support request for the specific organization.


In case the WSO2 Cloud support system is down due to maintenance or any other reason, you can email [email protected] to raise issues. However, at all other times we recommend that you raise support tickets via the WSO2 API Cloud support page.

When you create a support request, you can specify the Issue Type as an Incident or a Query depending on the nature of your issue. The following table describes the purpose of each issue type in detail:

Ticket TypeDescription
Incident To get expert assistance on an issue that needs immediate attention because it affects a production system, a system being prepared for production, or a pre-production system used for shared development, testing, or staging.


You should not use the incident issue type to raise general API Cloud related questions that you need assistance with.

QueryTo get help on general questions about WSO2 API Cloud.


The SLA for responding to a query is one business day, but in most cases queries are responded to within hours.

Once you send a support request via the API Cloud support page, it would simultaneously create an internal ticket in our support system so that our team can take a look at the issue and get in touch with you immediately depending on the severity of the issue.

For more details on WSO2 API Cloud SLA terms, see WSO2 API Cloud SLA and Support.