Welcome to the WSO2 API Cloud Documentation

WSO2 API Cloud delivers an enterprise-ready solution for creating, publishing, and managing all aspects of an API and its lifecycle.

You can take a look at the quick start guide to quickly try out creating your first API, subscribing to it through an OAuth2.0 application, obtaining an access token for testing, and invoking the API with the access token. If you want explore other key capabilities of WSO2 API Cloud, click on a required area of interest and dive in.


Quick Start Guide

Create, publish, and consume an API in 5 minutes.



Try out the most common usage scenarios of WSO2 API Cloud.


Design & Publish APIs

Design and Publish APIs via the API Publisher portal.


Consume APIs

Find, explore, evaluate, and subscribe to APIs.


Secure APIs

Protect your APIs by applying and enforcing core API security principles.


Control API Traffic

Ensure stability of your APIs by applying throttling and rate limiting policies.


Customize the API Store

Customize the look and feel of your API Store to reflect your brand identity.


Analyze APIs

View and analyze statistics related to APIs deployed in WSO2 API Cloud.