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API Subscription Tiers

  1. How do I edit/add a subscription tier to my API?

    Subscription tiers provide the capability to set the maximum number of requests allowed to the API through the subscribers. By default the API Cloud provides 4 tiers Gold , Silver , Bronze and Unlimited. To change these default tiers or to add a new tier follow the below instructions.

    1. Navigate to the API Cloud.
    2. In the top menu, under the 'Configure' option you will find an item as "Admin Dashboard" in the drop down list. Click on this option which will redirect you to the Admin Dashboard application.
    3. In the Admin dashboard application you will see an option as Subscription Tiers in the left navigation pane.
    4. To create a new tier, click Add New Tier, specify the required values, and click Save. To edit an existing tier, Select edit, make the changes and save.