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Migration Cost and Choreo Subscription

  • A WSO2 engineer will perform the migration of existing APIs, mediations, and other configurations free of charge.
  • If a customer has a valid API Cloud subscription at the time of complete migration to Choreo, no additional charge will apply until the subscription ends. Afterward, the customer will be charged according to Choreo pricing.
  • Choreo offers two subscription options: Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) and Enterprise tier.
    • The PAYG option calculates charges based on the number of components a customer creates. For API Cloud customers, this means the number of APIs created. The first five APIs are free. For additional APIs, a charge of 150 USD per API will apply. If this results in a significant increase in the bill, customers can contact us for a reasonable discount.
    • The enterprise tier charge is customized based on the customer's use case. A WSO2 account manager will provide a quote accordingly.
  • Regardless of the subscription option, customers will be charged for the infrastructure they consume, including vCPU, RAM, network utilization (ingress/egress), and storage.
  • If a customer with a PAYG subscription requires technical support, they can purchase a support subscription for 200 USD per month. The support cost will be added as an additional 2.5% of the infrastructure cost. For enterprise customers, the subscription includes support.
  • For API Cloud customers, after their subscription ends, both parties can agree on a subscription plan, and WSO2 can consider providing a reasonable price for Choreo.