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Design a New REST API

API creation is the process of linking an existing backend API implementation to the API Publisher, so that you can manage the API's lifecycle, documentation, security, community, and subscriptions. Alternatively, you can provide the API implementation in-line in the API Publisher itself.

Follow the instructions below to design a new REST API:

  1. Sign in to WSO2 API Cloud. This opens the API Publisher portal.

  2. Close the interactive tutorial that starts automatically if you are a first-time user, and then click ADD NEW API.

  3. Select Design a New REST API and then click Start Creating.

  4. Specify the following as details of the API:

    1. On the Design tab specify the following and click Next: Implement:

      FieldSample value


      The API context is used by the Gateway to identify the API. Therefore, the API context must be unique. This context is the API's root context when invoking the API through the Gateway.

      You can define the API's version as a parameter of its context by adding the {version} into the context. For example, {version}/pizzashack. WSO2 API Cloud assigns the actual version of the API to the {version} parameter internally. For example, https://localhost:8243/1.0.0/pizzashack. Note that the version appears before the context, allowing you to group your APIs based on the versions.

      ResourcesURL Pattern: menu
      Request Type: GET

    2. On the Implement tab click Managed API, then specify the following and click Next: Manage:

      FieldSample value
      Endpoint TypeHTTP/REST Endpoint

      The endpoint that you add is automatically added as the production and sandbox endpoints.

    3. On the Manage tab select Unlimited as the Subscription Tier.

  5. Click Save.

Now, you have successfully designed a REST API. which you can publish to the API Store.