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Customize the API Publisher Domain

The steps to customize the API Publisher domain is similar to how you customize the API Store domain.

Follow the steps below to customize the API Publisher domain:

  1. Sign in to WSO2 API Cloud ( ) as an admin user.

  2. On the API Publisher, click Configure and then select Custom URL from the drop-down menu.
    This displays the Manage Custom Domains page.

  3. Under API Portal , click the pencil icon to edit the existing Custom Domain of the Publisher .

    This displays the Modify Publisher Custom Domain dialog box where you can specify a custom Domain Name for the Publisher.

  4. Specify a valid Domain Name and click Verify . This checks whether the CNAME record exists for the specified URL.
    If the CNAME verification is successful, you will see the following screen.

  5. For each field, upload a valid file that satisfies the specified requirements.

    Field Requirements
    SSL Certificate This certificate file must satisfy the following requirements:
    • Should be in X509 format.

    • Should not be expired.

    • Should be issued directly or by a wild card entry for a provided custom URL. For example,

      • In the direct method, if the CNAME is, the issued SSL file must contain

      • In the wildcard method, if the CNAME is, the issued SSL file should be *

    SSL Key File The private key of the certificate, which should be encrypted in the RSA format.
    Chain File The chain file to be used if the SSL connection to your custom URL fails with the SSL Certificate and SSL Key File .

  6. Click Proceed . If the certificate files upload successfully, you will see a notification similar to the following:

    This confirms that you have successfully changed the API Publisher domain name.


    It takes approximately 10 minutes for the changes to apply. Adding the configurations and restarting the load balancers can take some time.

  7. Access the API Publisher using the new domain. In this example, the new API Publisher domain is