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Request/Response Transformation

  1. The backend web service does not match the API design that I expect. What should I do?

    You can extend the default message mediation sequence using mediators. The API Cloud comes with a powerful mediation engine that can transform and orchestrate API calls on the fly.

  2. What type of mediators are supported by the API Cloud?

    See WSO2 Cloud Mediators.

  3. What properties can I retrieve from an API using a property mediator within a sequence?

    Property Description
    SYNAPSE_REST_API_VERSION Retrieves the version of the API. E.g., 1.0.0.
    REST_SUB_REQUEST_PATH Retrieves the sub request with path and query parameters. E.g., "/CheckPhoneNumber?PhoneNumber=1234567&LicenseKey=0".
    REST_API_CONTEXT or api.ut.context Retrieves the context of the API in the form /t/tenantDomain/context/version for an API. E.g., "/t/tenant/new/1.0.0".
    REST_FULL_REQUEST_PATH Retrieves the entire request path. E.g., "/t/tenant/new/1.0.0/CheckPhoneNumber?PhoneNumber=1234567&LicenseKey=0".
    SYNAPSE_REST_API_VERSION_STRATEGY For example, "context".
    TRANSPORT_IN_NAME Retrieves the transport. For example, "https".
    SYNAPSE_REST_API Retrieves the name of the API. For example, " --NewAPI:v1.0.0".
    api.ut.HTTP_METHOD The HTTP method which was used for the invocation. (E.g.: GET/POST) The name of the OAuth2 application used for the invocation. (E.g,: DefaultApplication)
    api.ut.apiPublisher The name of the person who published the API.  (E.g.: @wso2cloud)
    api.ut.userId The user who invoked the API. (E.g.: @wso2cloud)
  4. How to send a POST request with no payload (no Body) ?

    When carrying out a POST request from the API Cloud to the back-end ,API Cloud expects a request body parameter to be present.This is the default behavior of ESB/API Manager. But in case we need to do a POST request with no body we set the property in the in sequence of the API.

    <property name="FORCE_POST_PUT_NOBODY" value="true" scope="axis2" type="BOOLEAN"/>

    Setting this property in a custom sequence will allow to do a post without body. However when we set this API cloud will send its default content type which is application/x-www-form-urlencoded and do the post request with no body. We cannot remove the content type completely but we can change the value of it using a property as mentioned below.

    <property name="Content-Type" value="text/plain" scope="transport"/>

    This will change change the content type to text/plain. Simillarly, you can set the expected content type in this property in you custom sequence.

  5. How can I disable chunking for my APIs?

    This can be done with the use of a custom mediation extension which will disable chunking, as described below.

    Save the content below into an xml file and upload it as the In sequence of your API from the API Publisher.

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <sequence xmlns=""
               <property name="DISABLE_CHUNKING" value="true" scope="axis2" />
  6. How to convert incoming and outgoing message formats?

    You can change the message formats of your requests in the API Cloud. For this we use synapse which is a powerful mediation engine.