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Create a WSO2 Cloud Account

You need to have a WSO2 Cloud account to try out and work with WSO2 API Cloud.

Follow the steps below to quickly create a 14-day trial account to get started with WSO2 API Cloud:

  1. Go to, provide your email address, and then click SIGN UP.
    You will see the following message and will promptly receive a verification email with instructions to complete the sign up process.

  2. Go to the verification email you receive and click the one-time link.
This takes you to a page where you can specify your details to set up your WSO2 Cloud profile.

  3. Provide appropriate details in each field and click Continue.


    Be sure to provide a password that meets all the password requirements listed when you start specifying a password.


WSO2 Cloud allows you to create multiple organizations under a specific Cloud account if necessary. For instructions on how you can create a new organization under you WSO2 Cloud account, see Add a new organization.

This creates your WSO2 Cloud account and opens the WSO2 API Cloud Publisher portal.

You will be signed in with the email address you provided in step 1, and the password you provided in step 3 above.

Now you can go ahead and try out the capabilities of WSO2 API Cloud. If you quickly want to create, publish, and invoke an API, try out our Quick Start Guide.